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Spoonie Girl Boss

March 8, 2017
1. Get out of the bed.
2. Find something to put on.
3. Make the bed.
4. SLAY the god damn day!!!
I want to strive for that list every day, mainly number four if I am honest.
All over social media you see #GirlBoss #Hutsle and I am all over here like…
hashtag I think all I can accomplish today is making my bed only to get right back in it.
Have you ever heard of the spoon theory? If not here’s a link so you can read up about it, it’s like the best thing ever.
It’s a way for people with different illnesses (especially invisible ones) explain their level of okayness.
I thrive with bipolar 2, OCD, PTSD, ADD and anxiety…
These things make me charming, kinda.
Seriously, these are the things that I live with and sometimes struggle with and sometimes gain amazing insight with….they are kind of my posse. I have a general respect for the way they try to protect me from all the scary in the world….although they can be a tad bit over protective and draining at times.
The truth is I do pretty well with them, we vibe together for the most part and I am over hating them.
One good thing they help me with is making sure I put my self care first….cuz burning down the house, deciding we should leave everything behind or whatever non sense I think up… NOT a good idea….most of the time.
I get a little wonky when I don’t take care of myself. I become an emotional asshole and it’s not cool because I live with some awesome people who don’t deserve that.
So what is one supposed to do for work life when you wake up sometimes with a surprise of like negative 5 spoons?
I mean I do have goals and shit….
Like, world domination in the form of becoming best friends with all the women of the world so we can have like endless amounts of slumber parties based on nothing but making each other feel bad ass….YAAASSSS!!!!
Seriously, that’s pretty much my life goal and I will accomplish it to some degree, one compliment at at a time.
Back to the negative spoons solution *ahem*
I work from my bed.
Technology is a wonderful tool as in I am now in my bed right now writing in Evernote. I will access this document from my computer later and publish this post 🙂
And I don’t feel slightly lazy or guilty about it.
The way I create may be different from how other people do it and that’s fine because this works for me.
I am still doing the work, putting my voice out there, sending out the intention of attracting all of my new amazing best friends who will read this and be like…
“Whoa, me too!”
The important part of it all is finding your way to create.
Finding the aha that will get you to your goal in a way that is beneficial and healing to you.
Shoving yourself in a space that does not fit you will only make you miserable, and why do that when you can feel amazing?!?!
I hope this post sparked an aha in the way you create. Do you have a way to get projects done that you think others might benefit? If so please comment below!
As always, thanks for your support in the way of commenting below and sharing what I write here with others.
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  • Maryanne

    Love that you make always make it work with what you’ve got and do it with style too. Trello has been an amazing toolto help organize and compartmentakize different biz tasks. It streamlines the ADD.

    March 8, 2017 at 10:43 pm Reply
  • Krista Kathleen

    Woah, this content is seriously good girl! I love the insight of what goes on in your head on a daily basis. It’s so inspiring, thank you!

    March 17, 2017 at 5:32 am Reply
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