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Happy National Coming out Day!

October 11, 2017
*sitting in the car in the drive way almost 3 years ago*
Chervonne: Mommy I didn’t think I was going to have to tell you this for a really long time….
She/they (she’s fine with a female pronoun) began to tell me about how she was A gender. I had NO idea what that even meant, she later sent me this super cute graphic to explain it to me.
I of course didn’t care at all.
*Outside on the back porch chilling shooting the shit with the kids*
Little D: Well, duh mommy you know I identify as bisexual.
It was the most random perfect way to throw it out, of course I don’t care.
Not all parents are understanding. My kids help other kids in that situation a lot by just being there for them.
I feel like the luckiest mom in all the world to have the kids that I have. They drive me fucking crazy but I’m glad we keep an open dialogue and they trust me.
There would be nothing as heart breaking to know that my kids grew up not being themselves. There’s NOTHING in the world that’s more important to me, NOTHING.
I made up my mind when I was pregnant that I would always allow my kids to be who they were. If anyone, and I mean ANYONE tried to encroach on that I would cut them out if my life forever.
I will NEVER let anyone slide a snide remark toward my kids without standing strong for them, ALWAYS.
I don’t make a point to see certain family members because I be damned if they ever say anything crazy to my kids. I don’t lose any sleep over it, not one single wink.
I will hold space forever and ever for my strong, empowering, beautiful, compassionate, intelligent kids ♡
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